Vinos del Norte
The Argentine northwest holds a rich cultural heritage, which is steeped in history, tradition, and passion. To pay homage to the region's unique elements, we have designed a visual system that highlights its characteristic features, such as the cardón, heraldry, and the wine glass. The cardón, a type of cactus, is native to the area and stands as an emblem of resilience and strength. Heraldry, on the other hand, symbolizes the region's nobility and high standing. Finally, the wine glass represents the northwest's rich viticultural history and the tradition of wine-making.
Our visual system is both contemporary and empathetic, and it adapts well to graphic and digital media with the same elegance and warmth. Additionally, we have redefined the brand's communication strategy to ensure a consistent tone and style that is closer to the consumer. Our goal was to create a Wines of the North brand that challenges and captivates its audience like never before, by unifying its communications in a tone and style that resonates with the consumer. With this approach, we have given shape to a brand that captures the essence of the Argentine northwest and celebrates its unique cultural heritage.