Our team was entrusted with the task of creating the visual identity and interface design for Owly, a premium streaming service app that offers unparalleled audio quality and user experience. Owly's visual universe is characterized by a striking simplicity that harmonizes effortlessly with a vast array of colors, characters, and textures. From its sleek and captivating logo to its cutting-edge and user-friendly interface, Owly provides a seamless and immersive experience for its users. With Owly, you can enjoy your favorite content in the highest quality and with the utmost convenience.

A Brand in Constant Flight
Designing a brand for digital environments doesn't just mean thinking about performance on new platforms and interfaces. It involves understanding and designing the link with your users. It implies flexibility and dynamism for constant evolution.​​​​​​​
An Illustrated and Sensorial Universe
Together with Juan Dellacha, we worked on a universe of illustrations that expanded the experience of the brand. Inspired by the analog and digital aspects of sounds, the illustrations awaken in us a unique sensation, an unrepeatable experience: that of listening to music with high fidelity of sound.​​​​​​​​